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Kaffe O

Corporate Identity. Signage. Print. Packaging. Fashion apparel. Creative direction. Art direction. Project management. Social media. Motion design.

Kaffe O is a funky nordic inspired coffee bar on Belfast's Ormeau Road. The idea for this cool new coffee bar came from O's owner – Orla Smyth. After working in Copenhagen for several years, Orla released that Northern Ireland needed to sample nordic coffee culture and that a particular niche lay in the Belfast coffee scene. Orla employed me to work with her on all elements of design for this new nordic inspired coffee bar; from brand development right through to art direction and implementation.

Kaffe O is more than a coffee bar though, it's a brand, a lifestyle choice; and the brief from Orla was very much to create something that looked modern, fresh, nordic and to be different from what was already out there. 


Kaffe O

Corporate Identity.
Fashion Apparel. 
Creative Direction.
Art Direction.
Project Management. 
Social Media.
Motion Design.
Web Design.