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Curzon Giclée Prints

Curzon Giclée Prints


Beautiful Giclée prints of the Curzon project artwork. (These prints will be posted unframed in hardback envelopes or postal tubes)

Available in 4 colours:

  • White Background with black lines
  • Black Background with white lines
  • Cream Background with black lines
  • Grey Background with yellow lines

Size of unframed print: 20x29cm (plus 5mm added to each edge)

PLEASE NOTE: We are pre-selling the t-shirts and prints until May 18th 2017. The cost of the tee shirt and/or print will be debited from your bank account when you purchase, however, you will not receive the t-shirt and/or print until June. This allows us to make the exact number of t-shirts and prints that we have sold, as soon as the selling period closes on May 18th 2017.

Update: Please note, as the funding date has passed, prints sales will no longer be used to fund the film.


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