The Curzon Project


The Curzon Project


Director: Jon Beer (Out of Orbit)

Producer: Sara Gunn-Smith

Executive Producers: Paul McNally & Orla Smyth

Sound Mixer: Stuart Pearson at Yellowmoon

Graphic Design / Titles by Stylografik

Colourist: Dr. Robin Price

Composer: Richard Davis

Credits Music: Dad’s Gettin Fuzzy by Dutch Coleman & Red Whitehead

Produced with the assistance of Northern Ireland Screen

Huge thanks to Ryan’s Cookie Box, Manus McCormack & everyone who bought a Curzon T-shirt to help fund this film.

Launched in BELFAST, 13 April 2017.

The Curzon Project, is a film by Out of Orbit in association with Stylografik, Kaffe O and Film Hub NI.

The Curzon Film Centre was not just a cinema, it was many different things to different people. A family heirloom, a place for inspiration, relaxation and above all a safe space in a divided community where there were few.

The Curzon Project is a short documentary, which tells the story of the Curzon cinema on Belfast’s Ormeau Road which was open from 1936 and closed in 1999. Through interviews with the family who owned it, customers, projectionists and usherettes, the film’s narrative covers not only the history of the cinema, but it’s place in the community over 6 decades and shares a glimpse into the lives of some of those for which the Curzon was a place to socialise, date, shelter and get inspired by classic movies on the silver screen.

Featuring archive material and interviews from John T. Davis, David Holmes and Kristian Nairn, this documentary was crowdfunded and was supported by Northern Ireland screen.


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