Branding Your Future

The decision to rebrand is never an easy one; especially if your business is established and thriving. Why rebrand then? Why risk hurting the brand loyalty you have amassed amongst your clients/customers when your business is successful. When is a rebrand necessary?

Last summer Stylografik were approached by Áine Lavery – owner of a A Haven At Harty's – to discuss rebranding (and renaming) her business. A Haven At Harty's was a very popular skincare business based in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland. Áine built this thriving skincare business from scratch; however, Áine introduced a more holistic approach to the procedures she used, and with this felt the business needed refreshed and relaunched. A Haven At Harty's had outgrown its identity, the business was changing and Áine recognised that the brand needed to change also. 

Stylografik worked with Áine over a period of five months to develop a new name, fresh branding, a new graphic style and also a new website for the business. A Haven At Harty's evolved into Skin Future. At the core of Aine's methods and philosophy is a bespoke, holistic, yet clinical approach to skin health and wellbeing. Aine explains that 'Skin Future aims to Bridge the gap between medical science and beauty therapy.' 

The naturopathic ethos of Skin Future informed the style of the branding – simple, clean and fresh. The branding uses a bold serif typeface from which the identity and a brand icon (Áine's initials – 'AL') were created. Stylografik also worked with local photographer Marianne Smyth to deliver art directed photography which is used across all brand elements; including social media and the website.

The outcome was an elegant, modern brand that has enabled Áine's business to grow and adapt. Rebranding your business can be a tough decision; however, when your business is changing or has become outdated, its definitely the perfect time to develop your brand. Rebranding will help increase recognition for your business, attract new customers and can ultimately drive the business forward to increased success, and profitability.

Check out the Skin Future website here >> Skin Future.

Design is your visual language. Say Something. 

Paul McNally