Project: The Errigle Inn


In 1994 I started my working life – collecting Guinness stained glasses from the tables of The Errigle Inn. Tobacco smoke hung heavy in the air, 'old' men would roar at the horses on the public bar TV screen, and I would have my first introduction to (really) loud live music. Every week I'd collect a little brown enveIope, I'd then head to the shops where I'd spend my hard-earned wages on sweets, chips and the odd bottle of cider (rebel!).

The Errigle Inn is an iconic public house on Belfast's Ormeau Road – in business for more than eighty years, it has been a meeting place for many generations of Belfast folk. As Belfast's longest running family owned pub it retains authenticity, character and although it has changed immensely since my glass collecting days, it still feels the same – which is a good thing. Not only do they have the best beer selection in Belfast, they also sell delicious food and have entertainment most nights.

When bar owner Philip McGurran approached Stylografik to refresh the graphic design and branding for The Errigle, it was a challenge that we were very much looking forward to.

First step was a refresh of the identity of the bar (see above). The old logo consisted of an oval with the iconic shield in the centre. We set about refreshing the layout and typography, whilst retaining the shield – we felt the shield was an important brand item, relevant to the history of the business which needed to be saved. Several layouts of the logo were created as it is used on a variety of brand assets including beer mats, screens, pens, uniforms and posters – one layout wasn't going to work for all items. The three items below are the main layouts used throughout the business, with solo shield icons used on social media and apparel.

With the brand identity refreshed, we then set about creating templates for their posters, screens and social media platforms – after our initial designs these templates then were handed over to the Errigle in-house team for future use. To maintain brand consistency we curated the type, layout and images choices across all branded materials. These designs were also transferred to their in-house screen advertising system, and all social media platforms.

Stylografik then designed a full vinyl window display for the Errigle Inn off-sales, a logo for their beer society, staff check-in cards, and currently we are designing a new website for the bar. 

The Errigle Inn project is still very much ongoing, with many more brand designs to be unveiled in the coming months. Although the smell of tobacco smoke has faded, the Errigle Inn goes from strength to strength year-on-year; Stylografik are very much looking forward to helping the Errigle brand to grow and develop.

Paul McNally