'They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.' 
— Andy Warhol

For the last three years I've been studying a Masters in Multidisciplinary Design at the Ulster University – this course changed my outlook on design, business and most importantly, on my myself. The course ended in May (2016) and I proudly exited the York Street university with a distinction – and very weary eyes. During this period of intensive learning I gained more than a qualification, I gained clarity about my future plans, and my business.  

Since I began my career in graphic design and visual communication I have always worked for myself. In fact, I have been self-employed for the last seventeen years. Working for myself as a designer seemed like a natural progression after being a sole trader for so many years previous. Over the years I've gained studio experience through freelancing, short contracts and internships, but the idea of my own studio was always at the forefront of my mind. My first design 'studio' was called DogManStar Design – named after my favourite album. Under this guise I completed some small scale work for local businesses, friends and family – where most designers tend to start. After a while I dropped the DogManStar name in favour of my own name, simply calling myself Paul McNally Design. 

Since 2009 I have used this name for my design business. I have worked with many renowned businesses on their brand strategy, their visual language and their business communication. I have developed identities for businesses in UK, Ireland, Australia, USA and France. I have won a DANI award, self-published a book via a successful Kickstarter campaign and have worked with many great clients, helping their businesses to flourish and prosper. I'm extremely proud of the work Paul McNally Design has created over the last 7 years. The name served me well.  

What my masters highlighted though, was that to grow, we need to change – both as people, and as businesses. Growth is a natural progression for any ambitious business person. When my masters ended I knew that in order to grow, and develop, it was time to evolve Paul McNally Design. After a period of examining insights into what my clients thought, and gaining feedback about my business, I decided it was time to move forward >>>. 

To move forward I have renamed, rebranded and relocated. 


Stylografik is based on Belfast's Ormeau Road, and represents my future in the world of graphic design and branding. Renaming the business was an incredibly tough process (a whole other blog post awaits), in the end I combined two words that mean something to me, one referencing my past and the other my future. Branding your own company is also a harsh task, yet another blog post in waiting – change can be great, but that doesn't make it easy. 

Check out some of our more recent work throughout the updated, refreshed and rebranded website. In the coming months I'll be posting more of our work, along with further blog posts and ideas to help your business' visual communication.

The team is growing too, I'll be introducing the new team members in the coming months.

Stylografik know the constraints of the small business who wants to stand out on the pavement of passersby. We understand the big business competing across international markets. Get in touch if you would like to work with Stylografik to develop your brand.

Andy Warhol was right, it's not time that changes things, but rather our actions and ambitions. 

Design is your visual language, say something.

Paul McNally