Kaffe O. Mark II.

Over the last two years I have had the pleasure of developing the Kaffe O brand alongside owner, Orla Smyth. This has included various menu iterations, apparel design, advertising, their website and in-house graphics. In January this year, the second Kaffe O opened its doors on Belfast's Botanic Avenue. The brand needed to be consistent throughout this café – the same, but slightly different. During the initial brain-storming sessions Orla mentioned loving the Copenhagen Metro line graphics, so we explored the idea of creating a signage system throughout the new shop based on this. As Botanic is also one of the main train stops in Belfast, the idea of using trains and transport in the branding, fitted well with the area. 

The Kaffe O Metro line travels from the front door, all the way around the café to the toilet door. At each main area on the journey Danish words greet the customer, indicating the specific elements within the shop. Kunst – the Danish for artwork – points to the 'washing line' where local artists/designers can display their wares. Køkken at the kitchen. Butik at the shop etc. All using the actual typeface used on the Copenhagen Metro system. This line also taps into the idea of Scandinavian modernism (clean lines), which the Kaffe O brand is inspired by.

We also designed a new sit-in menu, signage, menu boards, prints based on the popular beer mats from the Ormeau store, and many other graphic elements. The café turned out looking incredible, and is well worth a visit if your in the Botanic area. (The caramel squares are phenomenal.) Kaffe O Mark II can be found at 73 Botanic Avenue – where Boojum used to be.

Photographer: Suvikaroliina Photography