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Branding Your Future

The decision to rebrand your business is never an easy one; especially if you are already established and thriving. Why rebrand then? Why risk the brand loyalty you have amassed amongst your clients/customers when your business is successful. When is a rebrand necessary?

Paul McNally

New Year, New Me... blah blah blah?? Why not try fund a personal/business project in 2017 using a crowdfunding platform? I'll be will be talking about my Five Things book and the joys of crowdfunding – specifically focusing on Kickstarter – at Blick Studios (Hill Street, Belfast).

Paul McNally
Project: Annon House

Many moons ago I would stroll from my Granny's house, up the Ormeau road, over the Ormeau Bridge and up Park Road to my primary school - then back the same way when school was over. In fact, I would walk up and down the Ormeau Road several times a day for over a decade during my time at both primary, and secondary school.

Everything has been done before – How to name/rename your business.

'Don't try to be original. Just try to be good' - Paul Rand

Naming your business has been likened to naming a child; your either have a name in mind from day one and that becomes the name, or, you spend months looking at everything in sight to get inspiration. If you don't have a name in mind, how do you choose one? What should it be? More importantly, what shouldn't it be?

Paul McNally

'They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.' 
— Andy Warhol

For the last three years I've been studying a Masters in Multidisciplinary Design at the Ulster University – this course changed my outlook on design, business and most importantly, on my myself. The course ended in May (2016) and I proudly exited the York Street university with a distinction – and very weary eyes. During this period of intensive learning I gained more than a qualification, I gained clarity about my future plans, and my business.  

Paul McNally